Scout FamilyBe part of the adventure
Scouting offers fun, challenge and everyday adventure to 400,000 Young people across the UK. Scouting helps 6-25 year olds grow in confidence, achieve their full potential and become active members of their communities.
Our Group has over 30 leaders enabling more than 150 young people to enjoy everyday adventure
Our leaders are normal people (with families and jobs) doing extraordinary things with our young people
Without adults, there would be no scouting!
We always welcome new leaders in all our sections.
There’s a role to suit you:
You will help out at a few meetings each term either supporting the young people or carrying out ‘background’ tasks.
Section Assistant
You might run a game or lead an activity as part of a weekly meeting, support young people to achieve badges and awards or have a role in managing residential experiences. The Section Leader will ask you to take on particular activities. There’s a ‘role description’ here
You will be a member of the team that provides the ‘Everyday Adventure’ for our young people. You will contribute to planning a varied programme for the young people, and lead one or more meetings a term. You will be supported by the Section Leader. There’s a ‘role description’ here
Leaders’ children are guaranteed a place in the Group
We’ll work with what you can offer.

Becoming part of the adventure is easy: contact gsl@142group.net or 07845 142 4542

The Scout Association has an ‘appointments process’ that ensures leaders are suitable for the role. There’s a development programme to help you be confident in your role.

… or be part of the support team
Our Executive team looks after our resources. There’s always plenty of work to share looking after this large and successful group.
Nicola (Chair), David (Treasurer), Angela (Secretary) and the Executive members would welcome your contribution in ensuring the building, the equipment and the finances enable leaders to provide everyday adventure to all our young people.

or 07845 142 4542