Scout Uniform Badges

Position of Badges


  1. The membership badge goes in the centre of the pocket on the left
  2. Group Name tape is on right arm just below the woven logo
  3. County badge is immediately below the group name badge and to the front, centred on the shoulder
  4. County badge is immediately below the group name badge and to the rear, centred on the shoulder
  5. Group badge goes on scarf at apex so the corners of the badge touch the edge of the scarf
  6. Award Badges: begin at the shoulder. First goes to the front, second to rear, third below first and so on
  7. Challenge Awards: These are now hexagonal. Place the first badge with its lowest point is in line with the bottom of the pocket on the other side and its left vertical edge at the mid-point between button holes and the side seem.
  8. Uniform shirts and scarf need to have owners name easily seen. For scarf, please place name at the apex on the inside. This allows us to identify the owner without unrolling the scarf first!
  9. Please ensure your child’s uniform is smart with the badges in the correct place
  10. Fabric glue often leads to badges falling and leaves a stain behind – encourage the scout to learn to sew themselves!
  11. ‘Occasional badges’ such as Queen’s Jubilee need to be removed after a year – definitely don’t use glue for these
  12. If your child has more than one level of a staged badge e.g swimming, first aid or nights away only the highest level should be worn.