Part 1
Use a camera or phone to take a picture. Copy the picture to a computer. Use a program (e.g. picassa) alter the picture in some way  . Send the original and the edited version to as attachments. In your message, say what you did.

Part 2 – Link to Road Safety Badge

  • Create a piece of Digital Media: e.g use PowerPoint to show where the pictures of road signs are on a map of the area. (Part 2)
  • Send your document to using eMail
  • Sign in to Google docs – – with the user name (ask for the password from or another username. Create a document and type a paragraph on ‘how to behave when travelling in a car’ then share this document with

Part 3
Find out some information about something that interests you. Talk to your parent about what you want to find. Collect the information you want -pictures, text and maybe sound. Use the information to create a poster (you could use Powerpoint) Don’t forget to write someof your own words and say what websites you used. Share what you have created.