The Cub Scouts are boys and girls aged between 8 and 10½ years old.

We have three cub packs that meet on Mondays at 6.45pm led by Fox (Colin), Tuesdays at 6.15pm run by Baloo (Sarah) or Thursdays at 6.15pm led by Baghera (James)

The Cub Scout Programme encourages a cub to :

  • grow up to be fit and able to look after themselves,
  • discover new skills and interests,
  • think positively about themselves and other people, and
  • acquire an ability to meet and overcome challenges.

All our activities are based on the Cub Scout Promise and Law. Cubs make their promise at the investiture ceremony which you will be invited to attend.

Our Programme

The method of training in Scouting is ‘learning by doing’ through participation in a Balanced Programme  that includes games, handicrafts, challenges, competitions, camps, expeditions and outings.


The joining-in award is a special award given at yearly intervals to Cubs as recognition for their participation in the balanced programme. The anniversary date is the date they were invested – either into the Scout Movement, normally when they joined
Challenge badges can be earned as a result of taking part in the programme. There are seven badges – outdoor (and outdoor plus), promise, creative, global, fitness and community.
The Chief Scout’s Silver Award is the highest award in the Cub Scout section. To complete it a Cub must gain six challenge badges. (The Outdoor Plus challenge badge is not compulsory.)
In addition, Cub Scouts can work towards a series of activity badges which cover particular activities or interests. Most activities are designed to be done within the Packs but some may be done at home where parents can help a Cub to complete them.  The more they do for themselves the better, but some help and encouragement from you will be useful.


Cubs have a uniform – a green sweatshirt and polo shirt, a 142nd Group neckerchief and a woggle (please choose a leather one, they’re more environmentally friendly!). You can buy all these items at the Scout Shop on Trippet Lane. There are also socks, shorts and trousers but these are optional purchases as is the cap.

The Scout Shop has a loyalty scheme which we use to purchase badges and materials for the Colony. Please give the loyalty points ‘till bill’ to Squirrel in Wednesday colony or a leader in cubs.

You can purchase uniform on-line here:

The Group neckerchief is this item:

Details of where badges go on the Green top are here


When your child reaches 10½ years old, the next step is to join one of our Scout troops.