Scout Hall Refurbishment

Who we are

Fulwood Scout Group has existed continuously since 1949 although there was a Scouting presence in the area intermittently before then. Our Scout Group has 130 young people (6 – 14 years) lead by 20 adults in six sections and this is set to expand by September 2014 to include 14-18 year olds.

Scouting is popular and we retain the vast majority of the young people who join the Group. We have a waiting list of over 60 young people who would like the opportunity to participate.

Our premises

The Scout Group’s hall was built in 1964. We have had a structural survey recently which assured us that the hall’s wooden frame is sound. However, the accommodation is in need of modernisation to bring its facilities into line with current best practice.

The hall currently has user groups that range in age from 2 years (Gymini – physical activities for pre-school children and a Forest School kindergarten) to 80+ (Friendship group providing games and conversation).

Our Scout Hall is the only facility for groups in the suburb of Fulwood. It is widely used by groups as described above and as a base for other groups (Scout Groups, climbing clubs) to explore the adjacent Peak District. Hut

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