Set Standards

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Set the standards with the children

Bad behaviour can mean different things to different people, therefore it is important that acceptable standards are created and agreed. Bad behaviour in one circumstance may not be in another

Make sure that all involved know what is acceptable and what is unacceptable behaviour.

A Code of Conduct will help

All leaders will at some point experience occasions when behaviour will affect the smooth running of a meeting or event, so it is important to plan ways of managing that behaviour in advance.

Leaders should agree with the young people and as a leadership team, what the boundaries of behaviour are and what the consequences will be. A shared understanding between the leadership team, young people and parent or carers of consequences, is important.

An appropriate intervention for behaviour that is unacceptable depends on the behaviour and the circumstances. It’s good for leadership teams to discuss these regularly so that everyone is consistent in their approach. Adding it to the agenda for leadership meeting can be a good way of reminding leaders that it needs to be thought about.

Any behaviour that represents a serious threat to the welfare of others should be reported, following the guidance on the Yellow Card.

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