Cub Promise and Law

I promise that I will do my best Personal Development: the Cub Scout is making the Promise for himself or herself. Cubs are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions; developing an increasing awareness and ownership for what they become and what they do.
The Cub Scout Promise includes an additional requirement to that of the Beaver Scout Promise: to “do my best”. At eight to ten years old, a young person should recognise the importance of striving to do their best rather than simply to reach a set standard. This requirement to “do my best” applies to all parts of the Promise that follow, and does not necessarily mean “to be perfect”.
to do my duty to God
to uphold our Scout
Spiritual Development: this is an expression of a Cub’s commitment to continue exploring their faiths and beliefs.
and to the Queen Make a positive contribution to society: “the Queen” is a reference to the United Kingdom’s monarchy, where the monarch reigns according to the laws of the nation. With this phrase, the Cub Scout is expected to respect the laws of the land and to set a good example.
To help other people Make a positive contribution to society: this refers to the Cub Scout‟s responsibility to help others in various ways – from the physical (such as doing the washing up after a meal) to the emotional (such as comforting someone who is upset).
And to keep the Cub Scout Law Make a positive contribution to society: the Cub Scout Law focuses on helping others (including thinking about the needs of others and doing a good turn).

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