Balanced Programme (Beavers)

Beliefs and Attitudes This zone provides opportunities to explore and develop Scouting values, personal attitudes and a range of beliefs.
Community This zone helps Beaver Scouts explore the community in which they live, discovering local people, places and facilities. It also gives them the opportunity to offer help and service.
Fitness This zone focuses on activities to improve fitness, promote personal health and increase awareness of personal safety. It should provide young people with the opportunities to participate in a variety of games and to improve their skills in a range of physical pursuits.
Creative This zone provides opportunities for young people to display their creativity through art, music, drama, design, worship and leadership.
Global This zone helps Beaver Scouts to discover the similarities and differences in lifestyle, cultures and environments, both locally and from around the world. It helps them make a difference.
Outdoor and Adventure In this, the largest zone, are all the activities connected with camping and the great outdoors. This zone is full of opportunities to learn not just the traditional Scouting skills associated with hiking and camping, but also those needed for other adventurous activities.

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