Early Days

Scouting in Fulwood first started nearly one year after the end of the first world war on 10th October 1919, with the creation of a Troop. It was 114th to open in Sheffield and as such was known as the 114th Fulwood Church Scout Troop. It’s not known why but it closed after three years in 1922.

The 142nd

Less than 12 months after the closure of the 114th Troop, Scouting started up again on 14th Feb 1923, with the number we have today, The 142nd. This group lasted until 1931 when it closed for a few years.

On 15 Jan 1934, the local curate known as ‘Skipper’ Allinson re opened the group again until his career meant the had to leave the parish 1937. Unfortunately it would appear that no one was able to continue his scouting work.

With World War II getting in the way of things, it wasn’t until the end of 1948 when a group of leaders got together to create a team to reopen the 142nd, and on 24th January 1949 the group was formally registered as The 142nd Sheffield (Fulwood) Scout Group and has remained open ever since.

Prior to acquiring its own premises the scouts and wolf cubs met in the adjacent Guildhall, then used as the Church Hall, which is now a private home.

The Group moved into the current building in 1968 and in the mid-1970s these were extended to a design by a scout leader (Andy Morphet) who was studying architecture at Sheffield University at the time. Much of the building work was carried out under the direction of Graham Baker, the then Executive chairman, who was able to use the project to help young people get a foothold on the employment ladder through the YOPS scheme.

During the period from 1975 through into the 1980s, the Group had 3 cub packs, 3 scout troops and a venture scout unit.

We would be delighted to receive information from anyone who has been associated with the group, either as a member or a leader. Please comment below

5 Responses to History

  1. Dr Alastair J. Durrant says:

    Hello I was a scout during the 1970s ( when Andy Morphet was leader) I still remember the day that Andy turned up at our family home, complete with instructions about how I needed to know the Scout Law & Promise… which I still know to this day!)
    I remember scouts with fond memories the values skills are still put to good effect.

    Alastair Durrant.

  2. Paul simm says:

    I was a scout with your group around 1960 1964 went to isle of white and ireland camping still have a few pictures .

    • admin says:

      Hi Paul

      Thanks for your comment. Were you a Scout when the group met in the ‘guildhall’ that is next to the current hut?

      It would be great if you would share the pictures, especially if you can associate names with the people in them. Jpeg versions are best

      Best wishes

  3. Rowan Sylvester-Bradley says:

    Do you have any history or photos from the 1940s and 1950s when my father Peter Sylvester-Bradley and his fried Brian Dudley were leaders?

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